UDA media


Bitmask is the gateway wallet for web3 utility on Bitcoin — developed with love by DIBA to support the most up to date technology for Unique Digital Art and Assets on Bitcoin.

In order to create and collect on the DIBA marketplace, you will need to have, and connect to a Bitmask wallet.


  • Confirm an asset before it is admitted into your Bitmask wallet. This prevents spamming from unknown wallets, receiving malware, and obtaining unwanted airdrops.
  • Hide or reveal the assets that live in your Bitmask wallet. You control not only what goes into your wallet, but also what can be seen in your wallet.
  • Unique Digital Assets (UDAs) contain Bitcoin within it! Every minted asset has inherent BTC value. These types of UDAs can currently only be held by the Bitmask Wallet.
Don't have a wallet? Download Bitmask here