Why This Design? The Story behind DIBA’s Merch

Merch without concept is just merch. It’s a sticker or shirt in the company’s color palette with elements like a logo, website or a bit of text.

DIBA’s flyers, t-shirts, and stickers have a cyberpunk style including elements that each contain a little story. What unites all these designs? Our vision & values within the company and love for what we are building.

The use of the color yellow is representative of the Lightning Network, the layer 2 solution on Bitcoin, which DIBA is utilizing in the digital asset marketplace and in our wallet, BitMask. On a more conceptual note, yellow is the color of energy, happiness and joy — all feelings we have towards our goal of Bitcoin adoption and building tools for the community.

Maps & Globe

Variations of the globe with meridians and the world contour maps represent decentralization, internalization, and freedom. These concepts ring true to us because our team is decentralized and based across the globe, we admire the accessibility of Bitcoin across the globe, and most importantly, that’s where you are. We want our products to be beneficial to all Bitcoin lovers no matter where you are based.

History of Art

The digitized copy of Michelangelo’s David’s Bust and the fragment from “Creation of Adam” fresco painting by Michelangelo are easily recognizable in our designs. The iconic pieces were chosen as an ode to art history and the role that NFTs play within it. Art continually evolves through generations but always remains as an integral part of our society and our hearts. We have entered the age of Digital Art, which is marking a significant milestone in art history.

Targeted Heart

Hearts have always been associated with love and affection. It’s no secret that we love what we are building, but we also aim for you to love our products. In case you thought that shooting targets are a sign of aggression — they are not, that’s just DIBA shooting to get a small space in your heart.


Cyber Funnel or Black hole

Going along your Bitcoin journey is usually referred to as going “down the rabbit hole.” Each Bitcoiner has gone through their unique journey down the hole and now each one of us at DIBA are excited to be building products that will lead you along yours.


Once you go down the rabbit hole, you may find yourself checking the live chart at least once per day. But if you are hodler by name, 1 Bitcoin is always 1 Bitcoin.


The beauty of Bitcoin is its scarcity & longevity. We want to bring you tools that can be used through generations. Bitcoin is unstoppable and so is DIBA.

Although merch can seem trivial, we put a great deal of thought and care into all our products — a testament to how much love we put into what we make. We believe in creating with a purpose, sharing meaningful stories, and building with intention to stand the test of time. Whether it is through our marketplace or just a sticker, you’ll know DIBA made it with heart.

With love,