Last updated March 30th 2022

DIBA's mission is to shape the future of the digital art economy on the principles of decentralized and inclusive empowerment. With this freedom comes responsibility, and together we expect our community to uphold a respectful space for all. DIBA aims to shift art and tech paradigms by expanding the ability for people to participate in it. We know this new world is possible with your story and your help.

We foster a welcoming environment that empowers all creators, collectors, and participants of our community. DIBA upholds the following guidelines in order for the platform to be a positive and safe space.

Be respectful.

  1. We welcome people and ideas from all backgrounds, genders, generations, and geographies. DIBA is an inclusive, multicultural, LGBTQIA+ supportive community and we expect everyone to treat each other with kindness.
  2. Do not post content or comments that incite violence or hate. Words and actions should be thoughtful and should not create harm.
  3. Everyone should feel encouraged to participate, because sharing our unique expressions with each other is what makes this journey interesting and enjoyable.

Do not illegally use content.

  1. Do not use anyone else's copyrighted or otherwise proprietary work.
  2. Do not use artwork in a commercial context unless explicit permission is given by the creator.
  3. Do not create a Unique Digital Asset, UDA, that represents an already existing work (unless you are the creator creating multiple editions within the same collection).
  4. Do not share work in a hateful, cruel, or intolerant manner.

Be active.

  1. If you see something, say something. Report your findings and share your suggestions on how we can make our platform better at [email protected]
  2. Create the community you wish to see. Drop your art on our Open Marketplace and/or Curated Marketplace via our Artist Submission Form. You can also curate your own drop of artists you wish to see on DIBA’s Curated Marketplace via the Curation Submission Form..
  3. Participate on Diba’s Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and Telegram channels. We actively listen to our community in order to best serve you!

Be safe.

  1. Do not share your personal and confidential information — especially your password and seed phrase!
  2. Be aware of scams. Be sure that the profiles you are transacting with are authentic.
  3. Do not click on suspicious links or take advice from accounts that are sent outside of official Diba channels.
  4. Carefully read through each step of your transactions to make sure your assets are being sent and received where you want them to be.