About diba

The creation of Bitcoin in 2009 sparked a revolution –

one that would restructure the way we think about freedom, finance, ownership, and security. We use the same principles of Bitcoin to think about how we build and share our ideas and goods. Using this decentralized digital currency, DIBA offers the opportunity to create, trade, and collect Unique Digital Assets (UDAs).

We believe in an accessible, global digital economy. We value creators. Now, you can benefit from your creations using the most valuable blockchain.

DIBA, which stands for Digital Bitcoin Art and Assets, is the first Bitcoin digital marketplace to use RGB Smart Contract Protocol and Lightning Network (BP/LNP) to exchange UDAs.

Why do we use the term UDA instead of NFT? Rather than creating a token that is traceable on the blockchain, the RGB Smart Contract Protocol uses an already existing piece of Bitcoin, also called an UTXO (unspent transaction output), to create a Unique Digital Asset. The UDA is bound to this piece of Bitcoin, which allows the UDA to move and hold value just as Bitcoin would.

UDAs inheriting all of the same qualities of Bitcoin means lower fees, longevity of your art, security backed by the strongest blockchain, and much more. This is an entirely new structure than what the Bitcoin and digital art communities have seen before.

DIBA strives to uplift communities by helping people understand, own, and use non-custodial digital assets built on top of Bitcoin. Our mission is to shape the digital art and asset economy on the principles of decentralized and inclusive empowerment. Together, we build the lasting future we wish to see.


We have an inside joke that we’re the “decentralized team.” From America, to the UK, to Spain, and Indonesia, our small but mighty team comes together to build a new digital art & asset marketplace on Bitcoin.

Images of team members

Gideon Nweze

Founder & CEO

Images of team members

Heaven Leigh Quiban

Head of Marketplace

Images of team members

Anastasiia Ilicheva

Social Media Manger

Images of team members

Jose Robles

Head of Engineering

Images of team members

Trevor O’Farrell

Software Engineer

Images of team members

Tasha Amanda

UI/UX Designer

Images of team members

Hunter Trujillo

Bitcoin Developer

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