DIBA Presents at 2022 Bitcoin Conference

The DIBA team in the Art Gallery of the 2022 Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

This year, DIBA had a presence at the largest, most reputable Bitcoin event in the world through TALKS, DIGITAL ART, and DIBA’s first ever official AFTERPARTY.

DIBA’s growth could be measured within the context of Bitcoin Miami Conferences. Last year in 2021, DIBA was welcomed as one of the Top 10 Finalists at Bitcoin Conference Pitch Competition (Read More). Ten months later, DIBA returned to the conference in Miami as an official partner and a platform with a featured exhibition inside of the Bitcoin Conference.


The Art Gallery Stage is the newest stage to be added to the Bitcoin Conference. Each day, DIBA hosted a 30 minute presentation showcasing the marketplace, BitMask wallet, and details about the new RGB Smart Contract Protocol that allows for “NFTs” directly on Bitcoin.

A capture from the Roundtable media interview featuring DIBA’s Head of Marketplace, Heaven Quiban.

Heaven Quiban, Head of DIBA Marketplace, spoke with Roundtable, a media channel created by Bitcoin enthusiast Brock Pierce. You can view the Interview: Meet the Startup Tying NFTs to King Bitcoin. Continue the conversation with Part 2 of the interview, Build it and They Will Come: How to Construct User-Friendly NFT Portals to Spur Adoption.


Visitors enjoying DIBA’s exhibition in the official Art Gallery of the 2022 Miami Bitcoin Conference.

DIBA was chosen to exhibit inside of the Bitcoin Conference within the official Art Gallery. For the DIBA Beta debut gallery exhibition, the art was curated to showcase the beliefs and goals within the company. DIBA aims to shape the future of the digital art and asset economy on the pillars of Hyperbitcoinization, Privacy, Inclusive Empowerment, Sovereignty, and Freedom — each of these pillars were represented by a highly acclaimed artist on display.

Learn more about who each artist is and why their piece was selected by the DIBA team on the 2022 BITCOIN CONFERENCE DROP page.

The DIBA team presenting the 2022 BITCOIN CONFERENCE DROP on stage.

The featured artists in the 2022 BITCOIN CONFERENCE DROP representing the respective DIBA pillars are as follows:

DIBA’s exhibition in the official Art Gallery of the 2022 Miami Bitcoin Conference.

All featured UDAs in the 2022 BITCOIN CONFERENCE DROP are minted on the Bitcoin testnet and are not currently presented for sale. Collectors will be able to participate in auctions to collect these UDAs on the mainnet after DIBA’s launch.


GOAT — Gift of Adoption Token — is a giveaway UDA created by DIBA.

As a token of appreciation, DIBA hosted a giveaway of GOATs, or Gift of Adoption Tokens.

GOATs are the first ever UDAs issued by DIBA on Bitcoin testnet, and soon would be available on the mainnet. Tillavision, a well known digital artist, was commissioned to create the art for this UDA.

Since GOATs were so loved by the public at the conference, DIBA decided to extend the giveaway to give more people a chance to claim this monumental UDA. If you want to be among the first DIBA users, enter to receive your GOAT.


On the second Day of conference, DIBA hosted their official afterparty featuring Rachel Lena Esterline, a fine art photographer featured in the 2022 Bitcoin Conference Drop.

Highlighting the DIBA pillar of Privacy, Rachel Lena Esterline flew in the stars of her art for the crowd to enjoy an exclusive pop-up strip club. What happens in Miami stays in Miami, so you’ll have to stay tuned to join the next event! 😉

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