BitMask on Chrome Store

DIBA Global is proud to share the latest BitMask, the wallet for utility directly on bitcoin. Version is available to download as a Google Chrome extension.

This version of BitMask is currently running on Bitcoin testnet. All SATs and assets created in this version is done so with test Bitcoin. Transactions on bitcoin mainnet will be available soon.

View BitMask on Chrome Store to add to your browser for free.


Clicking the newly added BitMask on your browser will lead you to the homepage. Once here, click on the “Let’s Get Started” button.

If you are new to BitMask, click “Create Wallet”. If you have used BitMask before, you can “Import Wallet” by entering your past password and seed phrase.

Whether you are creating a new wallet or importing a past wallet, be sure to save your seed phrase in a safe and secure place. Losing your seed phrase will result in losing access to your wallet.

Follow the steps as you are prompted until you reach the “Launch” button.

Launching your BitMask leads you to the full page view of your wallet.

Fund your wallet with free test bitcoins from the Bitcoin Testnet Faucet. Send and receive sats. To have more fun, join our telegram or discord community to find test buddies.


In order to send and receive assets and eventually UDAs (Unique Digital Assets), you will need to fund your vault.

What is a vault and why is it needed?

A vault is essentially a locked storage space within your BitMask to input a small amount of bitcoin. This locked amount of bitcoin creates the secured bitcoin UTXO (unspent transaction output) that your assets and UDAs will attach to and send from.

Attaching assets to a bitcoin UTXO is how RGB works. RGB is the bitcoin smart contract protocol that DIBA is building with that allows for utility directly on bitcoin. Now, you can create assets and UDAs (NFTs) on bitcoin without any additional tokens or minting fees.

If you would like to know more about RGB, visit the RGB FAQ.

Now that your vault is funded and you have your locked bitcoin UTXO, you can import assets built on bitcoin using RGB!

Generate Invoice to receive the conceal, which you will use to send and receive assets. Only the sender and receiver has knowledge of these assets, allowing for more privacy and security than ever before.


Connect BitMask to DIBA to experience web3 utility on bitcoin. Unique Digital Assets, UDAs, on bitcoin are the equivalent of NFTs on altcoins.

Rather than a smart contract executing to create a new token, RGB smart contract protocol ties a UDA directly to a bitcoin UTXO. Therefore, it is not a new token, but a brand new Unique Digital Asset tied to a piece of bitcoin.

BitMask works seamlessly with the DIBA marketplace, allowing you to create, trade, and collect UDAs. Ability to use the marketplace will come with DIBA’s launch this year.

Stay connected with DIBA for the latest updates.

Additional questions and comments can be sent to [email protected].