NFT NYC 2022 showcases Bitcoin Art with DIBA

Art and Assets built on Bitcoin make their existence known into the mainstream NFT scene. DIBA presents on the NFT NYC Conference panel and attends 50+ surrounding events.


While NFTs have made their way into the limelight in late 2020, many are unfamiliar with the origin of art & assets on the blockchain beginning with Bitcoin — from Messages from the Mines in 2011 and the Proposal of Colored Coins, arguably the beginning of all NFT technology, in 2012.

DIBA emerges as the first marketplace to create, collect, and transact digital assets directly on Bitcoin using its UTXO accounting model and RGB (a smart contract protocol for bitcoin). DIBA Founder, Gideon Nweze, was invited to NFT NYC 2022 to speak about the history and future of Crypto Art.

“Bitcoin Art is the Trojan horse that will bring real utility to the future financial system… It will drive mass adoption of censorship resistant digital property rights. When we build the future in a decentralized, transparent, and honest way, now we need to get people to use these products and art is the common denominator to every single person everywhere.”

Art being used as the key for change and adoption is a movement known by all. To create the future that is truly decentralized and inclusive, DIBA builds their foundation on the most stable and valuable blockchain along with artists with aligned values.

In addition to DIBA’s presence at the NFT NYC conference, DIBA’s Head of Marketplace, Heaven Quiban, and Business Development & PR Strategist, Anastasiia Ilicheva, traveled extensively throughout New York City to attend a multitude of the most notable NFT satellite events hosted by founders, platforms, and artists.

From their attendance of 50+ events, the DIBA team was thrilled to connect with community members of all backgrounds in the web3 space, enthusiastic about the future of digital art and Bitcoin.

If you were fortunate enough to meet a DIBA team member in person, you likely received a special edition NFT NYC 2022 sticker! We’ll drop some surprise alpha here — collectors of our stickers may grant you limited access to future DIBA drops. 😎

If you missed DIBA during this week, be sure to check out their Instagram highlights for a look inside their time in New York City. 🗽

As always, we are appreciative of our early adopters and supporters. We are still very early. Be sure to stay tuned for when DIBA will launch!

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